Best Electric Mountain Bike – Reviews – 2018 – 2019

Top E-Mountain bikes in the Market

Electric bikes were invented quite a few years ago. However, not until recently that people started taking them as a real contender for bike purchase. Electric mountain bikes are now causing a stir in the world of mountain bike due to the idea of going electric. Even though some brands will not consider going electric, this advancement is definitely beneficial to mountain bikes.

Mountain biking should be fun regardless of the terrain. If you are a fan of long, varied rides that are filled with ups and downs, an electric mountain bike has to be your best partner. Electric mountain bikes, also known as E-mountain bikes or e-MTB are designed for mountain biking on unpaved surfaces. These bikes are rugged enough for unfriendly terrain as compared to road bikes.

How are the E-mountain bikes different from the regular road bikes? They have broad and knobbier tires for a better grip and improved absorption of shock when riding on roads with rough terrain. The front wheel of the modern e-MTB has become custom. Theses bikes provide riders with a better hill climbing experience. The acceleration is improved than that of road E-bikes.

 What to Consider When Buying a Mountain Bike?

Are you new to E-mountain bikes and looking forward to hitting some dirt and getting off-road? Getting the right mountain bike can be daunting, especially if you have never bought one before. Use the below tips to get the best mountain bike to get you trail-ready:

  • Get the size that fits you – Do not just say that you want a large bike. The word “large” is relative in the world of bicycles. This is mostly because what one brand considers as large, another brand might consider it as small. In other words, do not rely on the stated sizes as there is no standardised idea of what constitutes small or large.

Instead, make sure that the bike is big or small enough for your size. The distance from the saddles to the handlebars will determine your reach. Ensure the E-mountain bike of your choice has a long front triangle to support your weight comfortably without the font wheel having any troubles with the landing.

  • The suspension – When it comes to suspension, choose quality over quantity. Be sure to go online and check the reviews of the forks and shocks on the e-MTB you are considering to purchase. The manufacturer’s site will give you the exact models. It is crucial to understand that original equipment units can be a little different from similar aftermarket ones.
  • The weight – The bike’s weight is important, but for off-road bikes, the strength is equally important. Carrying some extra pounds on your bike will keep you off the hedge and the workshop too. Picture this; when riding off-road, you are bound to come across random roots, rocks and ruts that could grab you from all the angles. This might mess with your steering accuracy, confidence, dragging your speed down with it.

What are the various types of E-mountain bikes?

When shopping for a mountain bike, you have to be specific with exactly what you want. The bicycle market is flooded with several types of electric mountain bikes from different brands and models. To figure out what type of mountain bike you want, think about the bike’s style, key features and fit. Electric mountain bikes can be broadly categorized into:

  • Trail bikes – This is the most common type of e-MTB since it can be used almost everywhere. Terrain is not a hindrance when it comes to trail bikes. You can use a trail bike to see a friend at the trailhead and later on go hill climbing. Bikes under this category emphasize on efficiency, fun and sensible overall weight.
  • Cross-country bikes – E-mountain bikes under this category are fast with amicable climbing prowess. Unlike the trail bikes, cross-country bikes tend to emphasize on efficiency and low-weight. A cross-country bike is what you need if you want to get competitive in a cycling race.
  • Fat bikes – e-MTBs in this category have excessively fat tires of sizes ranging from 3.7 in. to 5+ in. The tires wideness gives the bikes perfect traction, especially in snow and sand. Consider getting a bike with fat tires if you are new to electric mountain bikes. It is easier to ride through rough terrain with a bike that has fat tires.
  • All-mountain bikes – All-mountain bikes are designed to perform great on steep terrains while being light enough to pedal uphill. When you think of all-mountain bikes, think of trail riding on steroids.
  • Downhill/Park bikes – Bikes in this category are big and tough. While riding these bikes, riders encounter jumps, berms, wooden ladders and rock gardens; thus must wear body armour and full-face helmets.

The market for electric mountain bikes is filled with countless established and developing brands. Well, this is a good thing since it increases the chances of getting a fantastic e-MTB out there. From light-weight all-rounders to gravity-defying machines, affordable to ultra-expensive, there is a lot to pick from. Below are top e-mountain bikes in the market and what makes them great:

Best Electric Mountain Bikes on the cheap

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike, E-Bike Citybike Commuter Bike

Ancheer electric bikes are well known among riders looking to get a cheap ride. Ancheer stands out with their electric bikes, not only due to the competitive prices but also the quality of their products. The Ancheer electric mountain bike is worth your investment. This is the e-MTB for those looking for one with a long range. Below are other features that describe this E-mountain bike:

  • The electric system – Its lithium-ion battery is removable, giving riders the option of charging it on or off the bike. The battery has a capacity of 36V and 8AH and can cover a range of up to 30 miles when ridden at high speed of 15mph.
  • High-quality components – The frame is made up of light, strong and long-lasting aluminium alloy material. The electric mountain bike has double-walled rims providing a faster ride with less drag. The front suspension has high-strength, giving riders a high level of comfort during a ride.
  • Brake and shifter system – The disc brakes can provide adequate stopping power regardless of the weather. The gears increase the climbing power and the range variation, improving the terrain adaptability. The bike has led lighting and a horn to cater for night riding.
  • Working modes – The bike is equipped with three working modes; assisted bicycle, e-bike and normal bike. Riders get to choose the level of assistance that works best for them. The three modes can be combined for better performance.
  • Warranty – It comes with a one year warranty. The warranty covers every component other than the frame.


  • The battery takes a short period to get fully charged.
  • The bike has a great design, boosting it longevity
  • It has great overall performance
  • It is a great bike for uphill riding
  • It has a long-lasting battery, thus ideal for long-distance commuting
  • It has lighting and a horn which makes it ideal for night riding


  • It has no pedals, which means it has no pedal assist mode.
  • The speed control is limited

The Best Electric Mountain Bikes for Commuters

NCM Moscow Electric Mountain Bike

NCM Moscow is designed to handle all conditions. It has a high capacity battery and a powerful motor that make it ideal for commuting to work, intense outdoor sessions and long leisure rides. This bike is more than a regular MTB; it is designed with comfort, style and durability in mind. It has great components from top-notch brands guaranteeing riders a smooth ride and safety. Below are the key features of the NCM Moscow electric mountain bike:

  • Quality components – The frames and other components have been tested to guarantee quality. They are made of 100% aluminium alloy to keep the weight down yet assuring durability.
  • High performance – Its custom rear-drive motor delivers exceptional torque, increasing power on steep inclines.
  • Shifting and pedalling – The speed system is made up of Shimano shifters, derailleurs and cranks. It also has Tektro disc brakes to ensure the safety of the rider.
  • Display and battery – The bike has a Das-Kit L7B display that allows riders to set the battery’s power output and adjust the pedal assist level. It has a high capacity removable lithium-ion battery that can cover 75 miles of pedal-assisted riding. This E-mountain bike has a USB port, allowing riders to charge their phones while on the go.
  • Smooth riding – The bikes Shimano shifters, derailleurs and cranks make up a versatile and smooth 21-speed system. The bike has a great grip to ensure the rider’s comfort even when on tough rides.


  • It has high-quality components from reputable manufacturers
  • It is available at affordable prices
  • The aluminium frame makes it strong and durable
  • The brushless motor, together with the planetary gear makes the bike highly efficient and super quiet during rides.


  • The front forks make the bike not suitable for heavy off-road rides
  • It has a default setting of 1, which is considered to be dangerous. Most bikes have a default setting of 0.

The best Electric Mountain Bike for Small Storage Spaces

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike, 26 Inch Folding E-Bike

Its sleek and stylish look is probably the first thing you will notice about the Ancheer folding e-MTB. Even with the odd-looking battery on the handlebars, this bike has a modern and up-to-date mountain bike design. Below are the main features of this Ancheer electric Mountain Bike:

  • Collapsible metal frame – The frames are ultra-lightweight and foldable for easy storage. It has high-performance suspension forks made of carbon steel. The painting material is anti-exposure and anti-rust.
  • Large capacity battery – When on E-bike mode, the 36V/8AH battery has a range of 25KM; and a range of 50KM when on assisted mode. The battery takes 4-6 hours to charge fully.
  • Ultra-strong wheels – This foldable E-bike has 26-inch wheel made of aluminium alloy. The tires are anti-slip resistant, making the bike ideal for rainy and snowy roads.
  • Brake and motor system – The disc-brake system and 21-speed Shimano system provide the bike with great climbing abilities.
  • Two working modes – This Ancheer bike has E-bike and assisted bicycle mode, giving riders options of assistance level. Its horn and front light make it a perfect bike for night riding.


  • It is affordable yet a high-performance bike
  • It is versatile. Riders can use it for commuting, leisure and travels
  • The bike is built of aluminium alloy, making it durable and light
  • It has a light and horn, thus can be used at night
  • Riders can choose the assistance level that suits their needs.


  • The battery pack is attached on the handlebars, giving the bike an odd look
  • The acceleration is not bad, but it could be better.