Top 5 Fastest Electric Scooters - Reviews 2020 - 2021

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November 14, 2020

Top 5 Fastest Electric Scooters

The electric scooter was first created for kids and toddlers. But it says a lot for an invention that starts as a toy, but evolves quickly to an adult gadget. That is exactly what happened to the electric scooter. It looked so fun and exciting when adults, so kids used it that they just had to have an adult version.

Electric scooters were invented to have our little ones enjoy a smooth ride without all the hustle of kicking like in manual scooters. They were built slowly to make sure that the child does not injure him or herself.

Then steps in electric scooters for adults, which some can be quite the speed demons. But the entire design of a scooter is not built for speed. One wrong move and you could be in a terrible accident.

In this article, we are looking at electric scooters with speed. But speed is not enough for us; we want the safest beast with speed. Safety is his priority, and we will look at features that complement the speed of a scooter to give an overall better and safer experience.

What to look for when selecting a safety beast with speed


For me, the tires are the most important thing to look at first when choosing a fast scooter. Achieving balance is key for any two-wheeled locomotive. But achieving balance on a scooter at high speeds can be difficult.

The wheels control a lot of your balance and should be one of the first things you look at. Look at how the wheels are set. Does it have wide wheels? Is the back wheel bigger than the front? Does it have pneumatic tires or tubeless tires? These all play and factors into the ultimate balance of the scooter. We will look at this in detail through the different scooters we list.

The braking system

Since you are looking for something with speed, The braking system is another important thing you should look at. A simple back wheel brake may not be effective anymore. You need a proper set up to make sure that even if you are hitting 50 miles per hour, you can still stop quickly.

Look at whether they have a disc brake, electric brake, or a drum brake. Each of these kinds of braking systems has its suitability and advantages that we will look at.

Weight of the scooter

Like we have mentioned, a scooter is much harder to control and balance at high speeds in comparison to a bicycle or a motorbike. That is why its weight comes into play. The weight distribution of this contraption is critical. The makers need to take into consideration the weight distribution of the rider when they are gliding with the scooter. While also making it lightweight enough to make it easy to store and carry.

Motor power

This is a tricky one because the whole idea of a fast electric scooter is to achieve great speeds. But you should also consider achieving safe, high speeds. Many electric scooters have motors with 250 watts. This is just enough to move across flat grounds and slight hills.

But as companies look to make scooters with more power, many use motors with bigger capacities, and some even use multiple motors. This is all well and good, but they still need to create something that can be stable and easy to maneuver at these speeds. Before you make a purchase, it is important to make sure that they have all these in place.

Miles per charge

Most electric scooters need to be charged to move. But depending on the battery size and capacity, you can only get a certain mileage per charge. The miles per charge will determine how often you charge the scooter, how far you can go with it, and, ultimately, how often you use the scooter.

Before you make a purchase, it is important to know what your main purpose will be with the scooter to make a more informed decision.

First, is it just for fun for a few minutes? In this case, you don't need a big battery capacity. Do you intend to maybe go with it to the office to avoid traffic? Then in such a case, you may need to look at better options.

It is important to remember all the factors above affect the price of the scooter greatly. Yes, it is important to get what you want, but it is also important to make sure you get something within your price range. For this reason, we have done a lot of research to make sure that we come up with a list of the fastest scooters in the market today.

GUNAI Electric Scooters

The GUNAI Electric Scooter is one of the best scooters on the market today. But it is more about how well it is built, rather than the fact that it can hit 85 km/h. For a scooter, this is an incredible speed. And many would argue a dangerous speed. But what actually stands out about this scooter is the safety features around it.

It has a dual-motor system, which in total has 3200 watts. This is incredibly powerful and would scare most new scooter riders completely. But they have a solution to this. You can switch from a dual motor to a single motor with a switch of a button. This can be great, especially for a new electric scooter enthusiast. Once you master the scooter while using a single motor, you can switch to the more powerful dual motor.

It also comes fitted with an adjustable seat. Let's be honest one of the things that makes a scooter so difficult to ride is that most of them are standing scooters. Now imaging going 85 KM/h while standing. Not many people can control these speeds, let alone do it standing.

Having a seat greatly balances the scooter lowering your center of gravity while making you comfortable to ride the scooter with ease.

With such speeds, you can easily lose balance if you hit anything on the road. Because of this, GUNAI Electric Scooters come fitted with heavy-duty shock absorbers fitted on both wheels and also the seat. That means if you encounter anything on the road, you still maintain your balance and your comfort.

But even with the best shock absorbers in the market today, all of that would be useless without the right tires. As a result, the GUNAI Electric Scooter is fitted with 11” vacuum tires. These large tires are not only ideal for most roads but are actually recommended for off-road trips. The airless tires do not burst in case they are torn by something because they have no air. Making it safer to use, even in terrains with sharp objects.

The large wheels also help balance both the scooter's weight and the rider better because of their pressure absorption capabilities. Resulting in a smoother, safer ride.

The deck is fitted with 24 60 v rechargeable batteries. This allows you to go over 90 km without recharging it. That is quite a distance on any reachable contraption, let alone a scooter. But what impresses me most about the batteries is their placement.

The batteries are neatly arranged within the deck in a balanced way. As a result, the low set deck gets better balance due to the batteries' weight, resulting in better stability and maneuverability.

With all these designs crafted to make sure that you are well balanced at high speeds, you can easily go up a 45-degree angle. Which is also steep for most locomotive contraptions, let alone scooters. The power of the motors and the wheels make this possible quite easy without burning out our scooter due to strain.

Most of the scooter bars are adjustable. Starting from the handle back width, the handle height, and the seat height. Fitted with levers, you can quickly adjust it to the best size to suit your body, offering you a better balance.

Like we mentioned earlier, the braking system is one of the first things you should look at before choosing an electric scooter.

The GUNAI Electric Scooter comes fitted with a hydraulic brake system, which they call an oil brake. But the basic principle of how it works is that liquid is incompressible. Using it in the braking system, each time you apply pressure on the brakes, the same force is translated to the brake pads, making you use less energy for a maximum effect. As a result, even if you are moving at incredible speeds, coming to a halt is easy and quick.

Riding a scooter at night can be quite difficult and dangerous. For this reason, GUNAI Electric Scooters are fitted with two powerful headlamps that not only help you see at night but also upcoming and ongoing traffic. But just to make sure your tiny vehicle is spotted even more easily, it comes fitted with powerful LED lights for everyone to see.

But with all these capabilities, you would think that this scooter is quite bulky. But quite contrary
It weighs only 45 Kg. On top of that, it is foldable, meaning you can easily transport it or store it.


  • Can reach 85 Km/h
  • Has powerful batteries
  • Miles per charge is around 90KM
  • Balance and artistry, making it easy to use
  • Foldable


  • Maybe a little heavy
  • Can be scary for the first time electric scooter users.

DKZK Electric Scooter

If you are looking for a simple yet fast electric scooter, then the DKZK Electric Scooter may be the one for you. One of the first things you will notice about this scooter is how wide the deck is.
The deck can easily fit both your feet on it with space to spare. But that's not why I like this deck width so much. This is because it offers a lot better balance with minimum design adjustments to the scooter.

WIth most scooters, the company will often add many other things to make the balance of the scooter better and forgo the simplest thing, which is making the deck wider.

But with its simplicity comes its lightweightness. Weighing 35 kg, it is much lighter than many powerful electric scooters, meaning it can reach its top speed with little strain to the motors.

Its top speed is 60 KM/H, which is still very high for such a small scooter. But with 8-inch wheels that absorb a lot of shocks, you can rest assured that this scooter is quite stable.

Suffice it not having a seat; the wide deck accommodates for this quite nicely. The deck is wide enough to accommodate both feet with room to spare. What this means is that you can adjust your feet throughout your journey, avoiding fatigue while at it.

The adjustable bar ensures that you set the scooter to a height that works for you. With a standing scooter, the handlebar height is paramount for a good balance.
One thing that makes this electric scooter even better balanced and easy to turn is the additional support beans fitted on the handlebar. They run from the wheels to almost to the middle of the handlebar. The additional weight and weight of the handlebar ensures that even if you hit great speeds, you can easily maneuver the contraption with ease.

With a motor of 600 watts, you can be sure that you can get around with speed and power. Fitted with 48 V batteries, the DKZK Electric Scooter can go up to 90 km before you need to recharge it.

But you may wonder why it can do 90 Km without charge, and yet the battery is relatively smaller compared to other scooters that can do 90 km without charge. The solution is energy-saving capacity.

Downhill the scooter is on energy-saving mode, meaning it is not using the power of the battery. Even more intriguing is that while gaining speed down the hill, the kinetic energy generated is used to charge the battery. As a result, this 600 watts motor can go for 90 km without charge.

Since this scooter was built for efficiency, it can easily fold with a snap! No need for diplomat nailing or a long folding process. Instead, it has a one fold mechanism. Making it easy to transport or store.


  • Lightweight
  • One snap folding system
  • Energy-saving capacity
  • Wide deck for better balance
  • Big wheels for off-road riding
  • Perfect for beginners


  • No seat
  • Relatively slower

Xiaomi Mi M365 Electric Scooter

This is one of the best futuristic-looking eclectic scooters in the market today. It would fit seamlessly in any sci-fi movie without it looking out of pace. In fact, the sleek design is so good that in 2017 it won the Red Dot award. That is really saying something.

But like we all know, a fancy design without factonalility is meaningless. So how well does the Xiaomi Mi M365 Electric Scooter perform in terms of speed, safety, and maneuverability?

Let's first look at its speeds. It can reach a top speed of about 20KM/h. If you look at some of the best electric scooters on our list, this is relatively slow. But our main concern is getting a fast and safe scooter, which the Xiaomi Mi M365 Electric Scooter falls perfectly in.
What stands out most about this scooter is how lightweight it is. At 12.5 kg, this is one of the lightest electric scooters on the market. Made from a strong aluminum alloy, this scooter is easy to transport and store.

The main idea of using this scooter is to move over short distances, such as going to the train station, bus station, and such places. It can best be described as an intermediate mode of transport.

That explains why it is so lightweight. You can easily carry it in a train, car, or even just in your hands. For this reason, the folding system gives it a unique bag-like look to keep it really simple to transport.

The deck is long instead of the more conventional design of being wide. While this makes it a little difficult to balance, it makes this scooter more streamlined than most. As a result, it needs less power and battery capacity to move.

Its streamlined nature goes beyond the deck as the wheels are also thinner than conventional electric scooters. This streamlined nature overall makes sure that you use less power to achieve a greater speed.

Even Though the tires are relatively thinner, they are Pneumatic tires. This means that they do not have any air blown in them. The result is a much smoother ride and better stress resistance.

Because of its design, it can be quite difficult for motorists to see you at night. Therefore the Xiaomi Mi M365 Electric Scooter is fitted with a powerful headlamp that would be visible to almost anyone. Coupled with the powerful tailgate red light, it is much safer to ride this at night than other scooters.

This electric scooter is designed with both a front and back brake system as opposed to many scooters. This is an amazing safety feature because it means that both wheels are involved in the braking system reducing the risk of the scooter juking forward.

However, the problem with a double braking setup is that both brakes may not be in the same condition. Meaning one can brake faster than the other, causing accidents very easily due to loss of balance. As a result, this scooter is designed with eABS: Regenerative Anti-Lock.

This is a system that links both the back and front wheel during braking, reducing the chances of tire lock. The brake system is also a disc brake system, which allows for a better and smoother stop.

With a cruise control setting, you can be sure that the scooter will be smoother during rides. Most importantly, it will extend the battery life, making it a more reliable asset to get around with.


  • Great futurist design
  • Super light weight
  • A unique Folding mechanism allows you to carry easily and transport.
  • Great cruise control


  • Relatively slower than other faster scooters
  • Mostly ideal for shorter distances

Electric Scooter 250W High Power 8.5"Solid Tire E-Scooter
With most E-scooters, you are not allowed to kick to move. YOu are required to use the motor to get the scooter moving. But this is quite one dimensional most of the time.

You can imagine at a point you would like to get some exercise with the scooter, but you can't because you have an E-scooter. This mostly leads to many people buying both an E-scooter and a kick scooter.

However, this Electric Scooter 250W High Power 8.5"Solid Tire E-Scooter can be the answer to your question. This is because it is both an electric scooter and a kick scooter to fit your needs and immediate wants.

You can kick while on a flat surface and when you get tired, simply switch on the motor for an E-scooter experience. For all intended purposes, this is a kick scooter fitted with a motor.

The 8.5-inch solid rubber tires make it incredibly sturdy and well balanced. YOu do not have to worry about punctures or being imbalanced when you hit something on the road. It also makes it much easier to kick if the wheels are made of rubber than normal tires.

At top speed, this scooter can go up to 25 km/h and go for 20 KM without needing a recharge. This is only possible because of its 36v batteries and 250 watts motor.

Yes, on the surface, the speed and endurance of this electric scooter look a little low. But you need to consider that this is a hybrid between an E-scooter and a kick scooter. More speed means a bigger motor. At the same time, more battery endurance means a bigger battery.

If all these things were fitted on the scooter, it would be too bulky to be a hybrid.

Weighing 16 kg makes it incredibly lightweight, meaning you can easily carry it or store it quickly. The folding setup is also very unique as it folds and clicks in place. This allows you to carry it the same way you would a bag easily.
Since this is a hybrid kind of scooter, the braking system has also been designed to reflect this. It has a dual brake system. One is fitted on the handlebar like many other electronic scooters. This is best used when in an electric mood, helping you stop in a nice halt.

While the other braking system is fitted on the rear end, it works much like many kick scooters, that is, using your kick leg to press on the brake to stop. To top it all up, this scooter has been fitted with a brake light that goes on anytime you press the brake systems. It sounds incredibly mundane, and something that all Scooters should have, but sadly not many of the best scooters have this addition.

Another interesting feature is that it is fitted with an LED headlamp within the handlebar. Apart from looking quite elegant, it also reduces unnecessary weight, making it even more lightweight.


  • Lightweight
  • A hybrid between a kick scooter and electric scooter
  • Dual braking system


  • Not as fast as other electric scooters
  • Can only climb at most at 15 degrees
  • Small battery and endurance time

urbetter Folding Electric Offroad Scooter

If you want to feel like a kid inside, then this scooter may be ideal for you. With LED lights flashing on either side of the deck, you will feel the years roll back as you have an absolutely great time on this scooter.

The LED colors are not just for you to have a good time, but they also illuminate the scooter at night, making you safer. With its rear backlight and its bright front headlamp, you can be sure that you can ride it even on dark roads.

Fitted with large pneumatic wheels, this scooter is perfect for off-road performance and other difficult terrains. The big tires absorb the shock giving you a better, smoother, and more balanced ride.

One of the best features of this scooter is that it comes fitted with a seat. That means you get less tired while using this scooter. And also achieve more balance because your center of gravity, and ultimately the scooter is lowered.

It can achieve a top speed of 43 KM/H, making it one of the best scooters regarding speed. Fitted with 48 V batteries, this scooter can go for 45 km without being charged.
But you don't have to worry about the scooter’s battery running out without a signal. The handlebar comes with an LED screen that will tell you when you are running low on power, your mileage speed, and a lot of other information.

The scooter comes with a 3-speed changing system that allows you to set the maximum speed, with 45km/h the highest speed. This is great for novice scooter riders because you can set the lowest speed at your maximum speed and increase it as you get more comfortable and confident.

It has a unique fold where you can fold the handlebar handles downwards and the handlebar itself, creating a neat tiny package that you can store and transport easily.


  • Achieve high speeds
  • Folds to a small parcel
  • LED light show for the fun factor


  • Maybe a little bulky
  • Maybe too bright for some peoples liking


Can I use an E-scooter as a kick scooter?
With most E-scooters, you can’t, but many companies realize this is a problem, and hybrid scooters are fast emerging.

Is an Electric scooter good for commuting?
Yes, it is. It consumes less energy than cars. Faster than walking and many can go for quite a distance.

Am I exercising when using an electric scooter?
Unless it has kick functionality, then no. Get a kick scooter if you would like to use it for cardio.

Are E-scooters dangerous?
Like all moving vehicles, they can be dangerous if you do not take the right precaution. But most are built with safety in mind, and it is rare to hear of a major E-scooter accident.

Our Top Pick

With all factors considered, our top pick is the GUNAI Electric Scooter. This is one of the most powerful electric scooters we have in the market today. Yes, many may match its speed, but few match its safety features. Its big tires, wide heavy deck filled with batteries, and great braking system make it ideal for safety and speed. It also works in a variety of terrains, making it a dynamic speed demon.

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