Top E-Bike Conversion kits With Electric Powered Motors

E-bikes are becoming more and more accessible, making the prices come down. Getting an E-bike can be a daunting task due to the many options in the market. Do you love your current ride but feel like it could use some advancements? The solution to that is not spending a lot of money purchasing a new bike; a conversion kit might be all you need. A conversion kit allows riders to modify their bikes, turning them into electric assist bicycles.

Not only does the conversion kit option save riders money, but also allow them to customize their bikes to their liking. A conversion kit comes with everything you need, so you get to give your bike all the features that you have always wanted. There is an extensive range of conversion kits in the market. However, when shopping for a conversion kit, be sure to consider the performance, durability, and performance. Do not rush to get the cheapest kit in the market. You do not want to end up underwhelmed by the kit’s performance and longevity. Take your time to do some research to understand what is best for your bike. For instance, a cheap battery will not only run out fast but can also explode or catch fire.

Another important thing before deciding to go the conversion kit way is to ensure that your bike is in good condition. It is not safe to install a motor on fatigued frames. Replace the gears and brakes if need be. Powering a bike that is in bad condition will do more harm than good.

Things to Have in Mind When Purchasing a Conversion Kit

Choosing the right E-bike kit is not as easy as it might look. The kit you settle for has to match both your bike and lifestyle at the same time. When looking for a conversion kit, have the following in mind to help you come up with the bike of your dreams:

  • The travel distance – To narrow down your option when buying your first E-bike kit, think about how often you will be using your bike, maybe the commuting distance too. When you think about distance, the bike’s battery is the first thing that will probably come to your mind. A battery with high capacity will allow you to cover more distance. If you intend to buy your components from different suppliers, make sure that the battery is compatible with the motor and controller.
  • The terrain – Where do you plan to use your bike? Commuting to work or adventures on rough terrains? Most riders will want their bikes to help them achieve both. Just like the travel distance, the type of terrain should also be considered when buying a battery. Your bike will only be able to access any terrain if the battery has the right voltage and amp combination.
  • Pedal power – Would you like to pedal your bike unassisted sometimes or you plan on using it exclusively as an E-bike? A hub motor will not change how your regular bike operates; it will only give it a boost when needed.

What are the Different Types of Motors?

When modifying your bike, there are various things to consider, and a motor is one of them. When choosing a motor, make sure that you for one that suits your ride style and the environment as well. There are various aspects of motors that you need to know before purchasing an E-bike motor. Understanding different types of motors will help you choose the right motor for your bike. Below is are the three types of motors that you will find in the market:

  • Gear hub motor- Most electric bikes today have a geared hub motor. Do not get it twisted. These gears are internal and cannot be used to shift or change the speed. Geared hub motors have more torque than direct-drive hub motors. They also are much smaller and lighter than the direct-drive hub motors. This type of motor makes riding efficient as the motor spins freely at the back without causing any drag. A gear hub motor is a perfect option is you live in a hilly area.
  • Direct-drive hub motor – A direct-drive hub motor resembles a gear hub motor; only that outer diameter is larger. Just like the name sounds, it is a direct drive to the rear wheel. This means that the ratio of the revolution of the motor and the rear wheel is 1:1. Electric bikes with a direct-drive hub motor have few parts moving, therefore durable. Direct-drive hub motors are mostly used in high-powered application such as E-bike that are 3000watts and above. Unlike the gear hub motors, direct-drive motors have regenerative braking capability.
  • Mid-drive motor – A mid-drive motor is found up by the crack of an electric bike. The best thing about mid-drive motors is that you get to shift through gears just like you would in a car or motorcycle. When climbing a hill, riders can shift to a lower gear, then a much higher gear when on a flat surface. This is the motor to pick if you are performance-oriented.

Getting a new electric bike is not an easy thing. Considering the current prices of E-bikes, it would be cheaper to get a conversion kit and modify your regular bike into an electric bike. The following are some of the top conversion kits on the market right now:

Best E-bike Kit With a Rear Hub Motor

Vogvigo 26” 24V/36V/48V/500W/1000W/1500W Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Motor Conversion Kit

Consider this kit if you have ever thought of converting your bike into a pedal-welding motorcycle. This kit allows riders to attach an electric powered motor to their bikes, using a custom front wheel designed to be used alongside the motor. The Vogvigo kit comprises of almost everything you need to modify your bike. Below are the key features of this kit:

  • Product parameters – A 48V/1500W motor that will easily convert a regular pedal bicycle into an electric bike.
  • Motor efficiency – The motor has high efficiency of 85%. The drive system has no moving parts, thus no friction. This minimizes the noise and makes the parts durable. The kit comes with hand brakes for stopping the motor. The motors can achieve a top speed of 55-65mk/h.
  • Gearless rear hub motor– The brushless gearless rear hub motor is quiet and reliable. It has a hub dropout width of 100mm for the front wheel and 135mm for the rear wheel.


  • The kit is compatible with various batteries
  • No moving parts, thus durable
  • Compatible with most bikes
  • Does not make noise
  • It is easy to adjust the pedal assist sensor


  • The kit does not include a battery and battery charger
  • The drag of the motor can make pedaling hard
  • It has a low torque, especially when compared to geared hub motors

Best E-bike kit With a Front Hub Motor

ReaseJoy 36V 500W 26” Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Motor Conversion Kit


The ReaseJoy is a perfect kit for riders who want quiet and reliable hike assistance. You do not have to spend a lot of money paying for features that you probably do not need. ReaseJoy kit comes with exactly what you need to go electric. Check out the main features of this kit below:

  • The conversion kit comes with a 26” electric bike front wheel. You will only need an hour at most to convert your regular bicycle into an E-bike.
  • The motor has two mode controllers; the hall effects and the non-hall effect
  • A 500W brushless gearless motor hub with a top speed of 33km/h
  • The drive system has no moving parts or gears, thus more efficient and durable with no friction
  • Brakes that shut off the motor automatically, enhancing the safety of the rider. It also helps to save energy


  • Comes with an entire tire and not just the frames
  • The tire and rim are reinforced, offering an additional protective layer
  • The braking system keeps riders safe as well as saving energy


  • The controller bag is inconvenient
  • The battery is not included in the kit
  • The electric will is not compatible with snow bikes that have fat tires

Best E-bike kit With a Mid Hub Motor

Bafang BBSO2B 48V 750W Mid Drive Electric Bike Motor E-bike Conversion Kit

This conversion kit is a perfect choice for cycling enthusiasts and those who want a fast ride. The kit comprises of all the necessary accessories other than the battery and battery charger. Below are some of the key features of the Bafang BBSO2B conversion kit:

  • All the needed conversion accessories are included in the kit
  • The accessories are easy to install. Users only need a few tools to successfully covert their bikes into E-bikes within few minutes.
  • A standard JIS that is suitable for road bikes, mountain bikes, and commuter bikes. However, this motor is not recommended to be used on bikes with a carbon fiber frame
  • Two riding modes; pedal bicycle mode and the electric bike mode. The motor has 750watts.


  • The two riding modes help riders to conquer traffic and exercise at the same time
  • The kit is suitable for most bicycles


  • The motor cannot be used in bikes with carbon fiber frames
  • The accessory installation process is easy