Top E-bikes for Cycling in Steep Regions

Hills are inevitable when it comes to cycling. Wondering what bike would be the best for commuting with steep hills? An E-bike or mountain bike would do. However, most people will go for an electric bike since it is kind of versatile. E-bikes are meant for urban commuting but can handle pretty much everything else.

If you are planning to get uphill, you definitely need a bike that accommodates that. Otherwise, you will find yourself getting off your bike to push it uphill. You probably have some knowledge about electric bikes for hills if you live up a steep hill. The type of a bike and motor to get will be determined by whether you want to go off-road hill climbing or street hill climbing.

Making the right decision matters when it comes to your bike’s motor. E-bike can either use hub motors or mid-drive motors. Hub motors are cheap and thus, most common. They are installed in the centre of a wheel. Hub motors are sealed, making them perfect for snowy and rainy seasons. However, they are not the best for steep hill climbing. This types of motors is only meant for light hills or probably flat areas. So, forego this option if your region has steep hills. You will only be happy with a hub motor if you are after small hills only. Mid-drive motors are far much efficient at hill climbing compared to hub motors.

What to consider when buying an E-bike for hilly regions?

It is important for riders to understand that the best bike for anything is the one that you are comfortable on and like.  You have to like your bike first for you to want to ride it often. Cycling up a hill is the challenging bit of biking. Getting the right bike will help you tackle hills effortlessly. A good electric bike for uphill cycling should have the following characteristics:

  • Proper gear ratios – The gear ratio of an E-bike describes how the relationship between the front chainring and the rear cassette. A fixed-gear bike will have a fixed gear ratio. However, most electric bikes have multiple gears, allowing riders to choose different ratios. For instance, if the front ring has 50 teeth on it, the rear gear will have 25 teeth, and the ratio will be 2:1. In such a case, the rear wheel will spin twice every time the pedals make a full rotation.
  • The weight – Bikes for steep hill climbing need to be as light as possible. It gets hard to cycle a heavy bike uphill, no matter the gear ratio. The lightest electric bikes for hill climbing are made from materials such as aluminium alloy and carbon fibre. Carbon fibre bikes mostly weight below the 15-pound weight that is meant for competition bikes. A 15-pound bike is probably the lightest you will get for competition.
  • The brakes – When cycling uphill, you have to think about the inevitable downhill section as well. A good electric bike for hill climbing should be well prepared with perfect brakes. Invest in good brake pads to avoid heating during long descent while trying to control the speed downhill. Also, keep the rims clean to avoid them melting through the inner tube. Alternatively, install a disc brake to solve the issue of over-heating all together.

Tips for Cycling Up moderate hills

You will most likely come across challenging terrain when cycling. If you are brought up in a steep area, then you know the effects of gravity, thus the need to become an efficient hill climber. Cycling uphill requires technical improvement skills as well as the strength-to-weight ratio. The following tips will help you cycle up that hill with less effort:

  • Know when to sit and stand – Short hills are done better with cyclists standing as the saddle produces maximum power. When dealing with longer hills, you might want to stand at the beginning, sit at the middle and get out of the saddle while at the top.
  • Be sure with the gears – Do not start climbing the hill with a large gear. If you start a hill by sprinting, chances are you will be plodding by the time you are hitting the top. Start the bottom of a hill with a gear that allows your optimum cadence. Shift to an easier gear as the real work begins.
  • Pace yourself – You need to know how to apportion your energy if you want to excel in hill climbing. You do not want to sprint at the bottom then end up blowing to the moon way up. Take your time to understand how long and steep a hill is before doing the math.

There is an extensive range of electric bikes meant for hill climbing. Different bikes from various brands will have different features. Here are some top models from reputable brands that you might want to consider:

Best Electric Bike for Hill Climbing in Roads and Country Trails

Volt Electric Bike – Pulse

Volt Pulse is a well-powered ride from on a reputable brand in Britain. Even better, this bike is designed to cater to both women and men. The Volt bike has an extensive list of other great features that make it a worthy investment. This bike is designed for both country and city cycling. Without further delay, here are key features of this amazing Volt bike:

  • Designed for country trails and city streets – This is the bike to go for if you are looking for an electric road bike or one for light off-road cycling. It is equipped with a powerful 250W SpinTech motor, which makes it an all-rounder bike. The tires are puncture resistant with suspension fork well equipped for all conditions.
  • The LCD and the pedal assistance system – The Volt Pulse has five different levels of pedal assistance. Riders can adjust the pedal assistance level to cycle effortlessly up to a speed of 15mph. Riders can adjust the level of the pedal assistance using the LCD display attached at the handlebar. The LCD also monitors readings such as the speed, distance covered and time.
  • Ultra-long lasting battery – Volt Pulse uses a 36V Panasonic Lithium Polymer battery that is long-lasting thus covering a wide range. The standard battery has a range of 60 miles, while the large has 80 miles.
  • High-quality components – Volt is an award-winning brand that focuses on making high-quality electric bikes for adults. Besides superior quality, the brand is also known for its up-to-date technology.
  • Warranty – The bike comes with a two-year warranty that covers most of its components.


  • Th bike has extras that are beneficial to riders
  • The battery has a high-capacity; thus riders can cycle for long distances without getting stranded
  • The bike has a masculine look
  • It is a good, all-rounder bike. Riders can use the bike in conditions
  • The two-year warranty gives riders peace of mind


  • Dated battery location

Best Electric Bike for Climbing Steep Hills

NCM Moscow Electric Mountain Bike

NCM is a high-performance yet affordable bike. This is one of the best hill climbing bikes for your money. This NCM Moscow is an electric mountain bike, which should be a plus especially if you are looking forward to commuting across steep hills. Below are the main features that perfectly describe this ride:

  • Quality components – the frames and other components have been vigorously tested to provide riders with a high-quality bike. The frame is 100% aluminium alloy making the bike ultra-light and long-lasting.
  • High-performance – The 250W rear-drive motor makes the bike powerful for climbing steep inclines. It has a top speed of 15mph.
  • Smooth pedalling and shifting – The 21-speed system is comprised of Shimano shifters, derailleurs and cranks. The added brake sensor, together with disc brakes ensures the safety of the riders by turning off the motor.
  • The battery – This bike has a Das-Kit L7B display that allows riders to set the power output of the battery and the level of the pedal assistance. When on pedal assistance mode, the high-capacity removable battery can go up to75 miles.
  • Smooth riding – NCM Moscow has great grip, keeping riders comfortable through long and rough rides.


  • It is made of aluminium alloy material thus durable
  • It is an affordable bike
  • It has a competent overall performance
  • Riders can charge their phones on the USB port while commuting
  • The disc brakes guarantee riders safety
  • It has great grip, offering a comfortable ride even on rough roads


  • The display panel is exposed to the rain and sun, which will cause it to wear off quickly
  • The battery takes long to get fully charged
  • The chain is not covered, predisposing riders clothes to getting torn
  • It is a heavy bike
  • Some of the wires are exposed, which is dangerous
  • The motor inhibitor is just on one brake lever.

Best Electric Bike for Climbing hills and Requires Minimum Storage Space

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike, 26 Inch Folding E-Bike

Ancheer electric folding bike has great high-quality components that make it a perfect bike for on and off-road biking. The wheels of this bike are designed in a way that they increase its hill-climbing power when cycling up a steep hill. It is a powerful yet affordable bike worth consideration. Check out the main features of this bike below:

  • The battery – It has a high-capacity battery of 36V/8AH. The battery can have a range of 25km or 50km depending on the level of the pedal assist. The battery takes a maximum of six hours to charge fully. This bike has a light, and a horn thus can be used at night.
  • Lightweight wheels – The wheels are 26 inches and made of aluminium alloy to make them super lightweight. This Ancheer E-bike can be used in rainy and snowy roads since its tires have anti-slip resistance feature.
  • The brake and motor system – The folding bike has a front and rear disc brake to keep riders safe. The 250 watts brushless motor protects riders while giving the bike perfect climbing abilities. The meter has a 3-speed smart button.
  • Working Modes – It has three working modes, giving riders options of pedal assist level. The bike comes with 90% of the parts assembled.
  • Quality components – The frames are made of aluminium alloy, thus light and strong. The Front rear is made up of carbon steel. The overall bike’s material is anti-rust and anti-exposure


  • Riders have three modes of pedal-assist to choose from
  • The bike caters to night riding
  • It has disk breaks for riders safety
  • It is a light and durable bike
  • The battery can be charged on and off the E-bike
  • It is foldable thus can be stored in small spaces
  • It is affordable


  • There are limited colour choices for buyers to choose from
  • The battery takes a little bit longer to charge compared to other E-bike
  • It has no renders. Riders have to deal the mud and splashes
  • The bike does not come fully assembled. Buyers could have it tuned wrongly
  • It is a bit complicated, thus not the best bike for new cyclists.