Top E-bikes for Long Distance Touring

As a cycle tourist, whether solo or group, choosing an appropriate bike for the tour should always be a priority. Today, many cyclists find it fun to cover vast distances on bikes. The price of a bike is not an important factor when it comes to bike touring; what matters is determination, a positive attitude, and having the right ride with you. You do not want to spend all your money on a bike, and then you are left with no extra money to fund other travelling needs such food.

It is important to understand that buying an expensive bike will not save you from mechanical problems. What you need is the best touring bike that you can get at the most affordable price. Quality is another crucial factor to consider. Maintenance is inevitable regardless of how expensive the bike costs. As a rider, you should always be ready for regular maintenance and unseen breakdowns.

Instead of putting all your energy on the price tag, focus on getting a bike that is suitable for long-distance travelling. Touring bikes mostly characterised by features such racks for carrying luggage and water. Another feature that differentiates touring E-bikes from the regular road bikes is that the frames are designed to accommodate comfort more than speed. Make sure you like your touring bike since you will be spending several hours on the saddle.

What Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Touring E-bike?

There are various models and brands to consider when buying a touring bike. The internet is filled with information about bikes. All this might get you confused, leaving you wondering where to start. Consider the following basic valuables to narrow down your choices and purchase a touring bike that meets your needs:

  • Material – The material of a bike will affect its weight and durability. There is a wide range of materials used for touring bikes, but steel frames are the most common. The first E-bikes were made of steel to cut on the building costs and also promote durability. Aluminium frames also are widely used to keep bikes weight low, providing users with the support and stability they need. A bike that supports heavyweights is ideal for family use. E-bikes that tolerate heavyweight are perfect for long-distance travels since riders get to load all the luggage they need. The frame size too should not be ignored. For example, smaller riders will do better with lighter designs.
  • Technology – Be sure to find a touring bike with top- quality shifters and hubs. Have in mind that the warranty will not last for a long time. Touring bikes cover more miles than any other regular bikes, thus the need to get a bike with high-quality components that will not wear out quickly. Quality parts will give your bike a longer life and better warranty coverage as well.
  • The saddle – The saddle is an important element in any touring bike. When on a long-distance journey, you want to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible to get the best travelling experience. You will be spending more time on your saddle; make sure that it offers good support and comfort. Well, you can change your saddle whenever you want. However, getting a bike with a quality saddle will get you started on a good note. Consider the cover material of the saddle. Covers with smooth seams will give you the comfort you need for the long-distance ride.
  • Accessories – When touring, you will definitely need to take some bags with you. Touring E-bike models have the widest ranges of accessories. Consider your needs first before deciding the accessories that you need. To avoid dirt on the roads messing you or your bike, make sure you get a bike with mudguards. Back and front lights are also important for safety purposes.

What are the Different Types of Touring Bikes Available in the Market?

Different manufacturers will design tour bikes with different purposes in mind. The same way cars are designed to suit various purposes such as utility (vans) and high performance (sports cars). Your bike tours will be a lot easier if you get a bike that matches your needs. Touring bikes can be broadly categorized into:

  • Long-distance touring bikes – These touring bikes are meant for long-distance travels. They are therefore designed to withstand heavy weight on all terrains. Long-distance touring bikes use heavy frames. These bikes have an extensive range of gear ratios help riders get up steep hills effortlessly. Long-distance touring bikes are ideal for long tours.
  • Light touring bikes – These are road bikes with tweaked geometry to produce a faster and more reliable bike. They have narrow tires and lightweight, making them suitable for a touring along roads only.
  • Trekking bikes – Trekking bikes are characterised by; their light weight, they have a rear rack only, aluminium frames and gear ratio that is meant for bicycle paths and sealed roads. Bikes in this category can be as fast as those in the light touring bikes category.
  • Folding touring bikes – These are brilliant touring bikes. Just like it sounds, folding touring bikes are foldable, allowing riders to get lifts from trains and buses without any stress. Go for these bikes if you are planning to use public transport at some point in your travel.

Come to think of it, and you will notice that there are as many touring bikes as there are touring riders. So how do you get to know the right bike for your tour? Here is a breakdown of the top long-distance E-bikes currently available:

Best Long Distance Touring E-Bike for Adventures

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike, E-Bike Citybike Commuter

Consider this Ancheer bike if you are looking for a touring bike that is pocket-friendly. Other than being a cheap electric mountain bike, it is also one of the best electric bikes for hill climbing. Go for this bike if you are planning to tour around areas with unfriendly terrain. Below are the key features of this Ancheer bike:

  • The electric system – With its 36V /8AH lithium-ion battery, the bike can cover a range of 15-30km when ridden at the highest speed. It has a motor of 250watts. You can take off your battery for safety purposes or to charge it.
  • Top-quality material – The frames are made of light material (aluminium alloy), making the bike easy to maneuver. The double-walled rims make the bike strong, thus more durable.
  • The brake system The rear and front disc brakes ensure maximum safety for the rider. The Shimano 21-speed gears improve its power for hill climbing, terrain adaptability and range variation. It is also equipped with LED light and a horn for night riding.
  • Three working modes – Riders can choose to use either the E-bike, assisted bike or normal bike modes. You do not have to choose the mode you want as you can use all the three for better performance.
  • Warranty – This Ancheer bike has a one year warranty for all the components other than the frame.


  • The battery takes a short time to charge
  • The bike is durable due to its great design
  • It has a high-performance
  • It is a perfect E-bike for long-distance travelling due to its hill-climbing ability
  • A great bike for commuting due to its long-life battery
  • It is well equipped for night travelling


  • The bike has no pedal assistance mode
  • Limited speed control

Best long-distance touring E-bike for Steep inclines

NCM Moscow Electric Mountain Bike

Are you on a budget yet want a quality touring bike for your travel? NCM Moscow is the bike to choose. It is affordable and will not disappoint you when it comes to its performance. Besides long-distance touring, this E-bike is perfect for commuting, leisure and adventure rides. Below are amazing features  of the NCM Moscow:

  • Component’s quality – The frames and other components are high-quality. The manufacturing knowledge has been combined with Tektro, Shimano and other top brand components to improve the overall performance of the bike. The frames are made of light aluminium alloy material to make the bike long-lasting and lightweight.
  • Top-performance –The custom 250W motor gives the bike exceptional features for improved performance in steep inclines, easily achieving the top speed, which is 15mph.
  • Pedalling and shifting – The 21-speed system is made smooth and versatile by the strong combination of the shifters, cranks and derailleurs. The bike has Tektro disc brakes to ensure the safety of the rider.
  • Battery and display –It has six levels of pedal assistance. Riders can adjust the assistance level using the LCD at the handlebars. The LCD also allows users to set the output power of the battery. When on assisted mode, the removable battery can go up to 75 miles. This E-bike has a USB port.


  • All the components are top-quality
  • The bike is affordable
  • Aluminium alloy frames make it a strong and long-lasting bike
  • It is super-efficient and does not make any screeching noises


  • The bike is only suitable for light off-road biking
  • A default setting of 1, which can be dangerous

Best Long Distance Touring E-bike for Snowy Roads

Rich Bit Electric Bicycle

This E-bike is just amazing for long-distance travels. Rich Bit is the bike you needs for all types of terrains; be it sandy or snowy roads. It has great features to ensure riders comfort when touring. Below are key features of this Rich Bit E-bike:

  • Battery – The 48V/17AH battery can go up to25-30 miles on assist mode and 30-55 miles while cycling. It has a horn and LED light for night cycling. The 21-speed motor has 1000watts, going at a maximum speed of 25mphThe battery is removable, thus can be charged on or off the electric bike. It takes 5-7 hours for the battery to charge fully. It has a rear and front 21-speed Shimano disc brakes to facilitate the safety of the rider. The bike is equipped with a 7-speed smart button for improved hill climbing and users safety.
  • Fat tires – The tires are 4 inches fat, thus can handle both sand and snowy roads without much hassle. It has full suspension for shock absorption and smooth cushioning, providing maximum comfort when riding in rough terrains.
  • Warranty – The bike has a frame warranty of three years, a motor warranty of 365 days and a battery warranty of 180 days. The Rich Bit E-bike comes 90% assembled.


  • It has a head lamb and a horn for night cycling
  • A frame warranty of three years, thus riders can have fun in peace. Most E-bikes get a frame warranty of one year
  • A high capacity battery and a high-performance motor that makes it ideal for long-distance commuting
  • The fat tires make it a perfect bike for touring in all terrains
  • Frames are made of aluminium alloy thus strong and light


  • The bike is generally heavy
  • Not many alternatives