Top E-Bikes Specifically designed for Women

Adults should spare at least three hours of moderate to intense physical exercise every week. Overall, women are more likely to be physically inactive than men. Cycling would be a perfect way for women to build up physical activities in their lives, improving their health and fitness. In some regions, women cycle more than men. This shows that given the right conditions, cycling can be an activity for women too.

Many brands are now making frames designed for female riders. The big question is, what is unique about these bikes, and do women really need them? When it comes to bike riding, there are many factors to consider to ensure that you get the best riding experience possible. Cycling a bike that does not suit you can cause injuries or body soreness. You will find bikes of different sizes in the market to accommodate people of various sizes. Women should not be forced to use the men’s bikes. Thanks to the evolving world, manufacturers are now producing bikes that accommodate women.

Can a woman ride a bike? Of course, she can. A man’s physique is different from that of a woman, making it hard for women to use bikes designed for men. Unlike men, a woman’s torso is a bit shorter with long legs. Body sizes vary with gender. Men are bulkier and heavier.On the other hand, women’s bodies are longer and leaner. Women’s hands are shorter than those of men too. A man’s bike is disproportionate for a woman’s body and can lead to over-stretching of muscles.

Why Should Ladies Use Bikes Specifically Designed for Women?

If you take some time to understand the human anatomy, then you will get it why some people have difficulties mounting and dismounting on certain bikes. Besides that, you might take longer than usual to learn how to ride if you are using the wrong bike. Here are the reasons why women need to use hybrid bikes specifically designed for ladies:

  • Height of the handlebar and saddle – Generally, women have shorter backs with longer legs. This makes it crucial for the saddle in a woman’s bike to be set a little higher than the handlebar. Mostly, there should be at least a height difference of about 25mm between the saddle and handlebar. However, that difference should increase or reduce depending on the length and flexibility of the user’s back. The difference of the height should be more if your back is longer and sensitive. Ideally, bikes designed for women should have the configuration of adjusting handlebars as per the needs of the rider.
  • The length of the rider’s back – Contrary to women, men have shorter legs with longer backs. This should be a crucial reason for manufacturers to design bikes for both genders differently. Bikes specifically designed for women have shorter top tube and handlebar stem as opposed to those meant for men. This assures a comfortable ride for women by maintaining the horizontal distance between the handlebar and saddle. Men’s bike have a long distance and can give women complications such as strenuous pain in the neck, upper arms, shoulders and upper back. However, the distance should not be too short either as it can cause cramping.
  • Size of the hands – Another important reason for women to use bikes specifically built for ladies is the difference in the size of their hands. Women tend to have smaller hands as compared to men. Bikes made for women have a shorter distance between the handlebar and brake lever. The closer the two components are to each other, the easier it will be for the rider to have a better grasp. People with small hands will need larger brake adjustment blocks for better convenience.
  • The saddle’s shape – Choosing a bike with the right saddle is no different from choosing the right shoe size for you. The shape of a saddle is one of the most important components in hybrid bicycles. Women have wider sitting bones as compared to men. The two curved pelvis bones normally come into contact with the saddle when riding. The distance between the pelvis bones and the saddle gets wider when the rider sits down and gets wider when the rider leans forward. Get a hybrid bike with a saddle that will meet your riding style.

Why Cycling is Beneficial to Women?

Bike riding is one of the best decisions you will ever make regardless of whether you are doing it to boost your health, fitness or bank balance. Picking up your bike to go cycling will improve your relationships, happiness and most importantly, your health. Not convinced yet? Here are some more reasons why women need to ride bicycles more often:

  • It reduces the chance of getting chronic diseases – Bike cycling is a moderate form of exercise, which is a perfect way of making your immune cells as active as they are needed. Active immune cells will fight off infections without much hassle. This explains why inactive people get sick more often than people who undertake regular moderate to intense physical exercising.If you cycle regularly, you are at a lower risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, all types of cancer, obesity, type II diabetes and high blood pressure. Adequate exercise makes the body more efficient at fighting off infections and generating new cells.
  • It improves sex life – Physical health improves vascular health, which plays a vital role in boosting sex drive. Bicycle riding will keep you physically fit, increasing your self-confidence. Physically fit women have a higher sexual drive as compared to that of their unfit peers. A couple of rides every week is enough to boost your body image. Cycling can also help to delay a woman’s menopause by two to five years.
  • It helps to lose weight – Most people ride for fun. However, cycling can be a great way to shed a few pounds. Hopping on your bike and going for an easy ride will has immense health benefits that will bring joy to your life. Besides cycling to lose weight, what you eat matters too. You don’t have to forego your favourite dish trying to cut some weight. Cyclists who watch diets lose weight efficiently and faster.

When it comes to choosing bikes designed for women, there is a wide range of options that will get your head spinning wondering which one to pick. To help you narrow down your options, below are some of the best women’s E-bikes in the market:

The Best Women’s E-bike for Holiday Travelling

Cyclamatic Pro CX4 Dual Suspension Foldaway Electric Bike


This is a perfect high-performance E-bike ideal for holidaymakers, especially those who do not have enough space for storing a bicycle. If you have always wanted an E-bike and the storage space has been stopping you from getting one, this bike is worth looking at. The following are the main features of the Cyclamatic Pro CX4:

  • Easy folding – This E-bike facilitates easy and quick folding, making it possible for it to fit in an incredibly compact space. The folding feature makes it ideal for travelling holidays.
  • High performance The bike is fitted with a 250w brushless motor that makes it easy to ride the bike up to a speed of 15mph. In addition to that, it can be ridden safely in the rain.
  • Heavy-duty battery – The battery has a capacity of 24 volts and 10 Amp. It takes 4-6 hours to get fully charged. The battery is fully sealed to keep it safe when riding in rainy conditions.
  • Maximum distance – with a maximum speed of up to 15.5 mph, the bike can cover a distance of 18.5- 25 miles.
  • Due to European laws, this bike is not a fully automated electric bike. Some peddling will be required.


  • It has great suspensions that cushion against bumps, making rides in rough road much comfortable
  • The pedal-assist feature works well in taking the riding effort, especially when cycling in hilly regions.
  • The gears are reliable and easy to shift, providing the rider with a smooth ride


  • Riding uphill requires peddling. This makes the bike unsuitable for the elderly and people with physical disabilities.
  • The bike does not come with a horn or headlight. Therefore, riders cannot use this bike at night unless they add the feature for themselves. Another important aspect that makes the bike unsuitable for night rides is the fact that it lacks reflector strips and rear reflector.

The Best Women’s E-Bike for Commuting

Volt Folding Electric Bike – Metro LS


Volt has been in the E-bike game since 2008. You can therefore trust their E-bikes; they know exactly what riders are looking for. The bike is ideal for cycling in super busy roads and regions with steep terrains. Metro LS is of those E-bikes that you can ride on roads of all conditions without any hick-ups. Below are some  interesting features of this E-bike:

  • Perfect compact folding – Its folding abilities make it ideal for small storage places, commuting and holidays. The low-step frame is convenient and accessible to adults of all heights.
  • The pedal assistance – The bike has five levels of pedal assistance that can be easily adjusted using an LCD computer located on the handlebar.
  • Reliable components – with its 250w motor and high capacity battery, the bike can cover a range of up to forty miles.
  • Award-winning brand – Volt makes the best E-bikes for adults. The brand is known for its top-notch technology and quality.
  • 2 years warranty – All Volt’s E-bikes are equipped with a two-year warranty on most of their premium components and parts.


  • High level of pedal assistance that makes it suitable for the elderly and and the physically challenged.
  • Automatic gears that make it easy to adjust the level of assistance
  • It is ideal for commuters in hilly regions
  • It can be used by both men and women
  • It has lights, thus can be used at night


  • The bike is quite heavy
  • The battery life is not durable
  • The rear brake produces a screeching sound when slightly applied

The Best Women’s E-bike for Recreation

Wheels City E-bike Hybrid Road Bike

This is the E-bike to go for if you would not mind sharing your bike with your family. Why so? The wheels city E-bike is designed to accommodate both males and females. Below are features that make this bike outstanding:

  • It has a brushless motor of 250 watts and 36 volts.
  • The wheels have a size of 26 inches
  • It uses a lead-acid battery of 12AH
  • It has 6-speed SIS Shimano gears


  • The saddle is comfortable
  • It comes with a basket
  • It has LED light and rear light. Thus can be used at night
  • The battery can be detached for charging


  • It does not come with a manual to guide riders on how to put it together
  • The bike is heavy