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April 12, 2021

Carrera Vengeance E-Bike Review

Carrera has been around in the e-bike industry for around 25 years and never fails to make exceptional modern bikes with optimal performance on the road. 

This Carrera Vengeance electric bike, in particular, has proved very popular in a year or two since it came out due to its mountain bike design which only has a lightweight of just 14kg. The electric mountain bike also has an exceptional design thanks to its high-quality features with a Shimano gear system and additional comfort front fork.

So as we can dig a little deeper and see if the Carrera Vengeance mountain bike would be right for you, we have reviewed the feature parts of this bike to conclude just how good this quality ride is. 

Is Carrera a Good Make Of Bike? 

Before we get into the Carrera Vengeance designs and features, let's talk a little about who Carrera is and what they are known for in the electric bike industry. 

Carrera has been around for a while making e-bikes, specialising in mountain bikes in particular and commuter bikes, they often excel with their mountain bike range when it comes to comfort levels due to their great front fork and light bike weight. 

Some popular high-quality electric bikes Carrera have created are - 

  • Carrea Zelos Disc bikes.
  • Carrera Subway electric commuter bikes. 
  • Carrera Valour. 
  • Carrera Hellcat. 
  • Carrera Parva urban bike.

The Main Specs Of The Carrera Vengeance Mountain Bike

To make it easier to review this Carrera Vengeance mountain bike, we have broken the bike down into its most important features and reviewed them so as you can figure out whether or not you rate the Vengeance features.

Main Specifications 

  • 16-speed Shimano Altus gear system. 
  • 27'' wheels. 
  • Mechanical disc brakes. 
  • 14kg frame. 
  • Suntour fork. 
  • Suntour 250W rear hub motor. 

Motor Power & Battery 

Let's start with the motor on this Carrera Vegengeabce mode, 250W is more than enough for the average rider in the UK, and the rear hub position of this motor gives a great assisted riding experience to help you tackle inclines and shorten down commutes. 

The only thing this Suntour motor lacks is a torque sensor which could have made the bike's power assist feel a little more natural. 

Battery-wise the Vengeance bike has a 36V 11.6Ah capacity and can ride a range of up to 40 miles, however, many people report it to only complete around 20-25 miles on average, which is not expected from a high-performance bike on adventures and is similar in range to road bikes.

Gears & Rear Shifters 

The Carrera vengeance uses the Shimano Altus gear 2x8 16-speed shifter system, this choice of gears is great for ensuring the riding of the mountain bike is smooth and this rear shifter system, in particular, is said to be very durable and easy to replace/repair when needed. The smooth transition is important when biking on harsh terrains, so Carrera made the right choice by putting this Shimano system in.

Brakes & Suspension 

In terms of braking, the electric mountain is equipped with Tektro mechanical disc brakes that can help you stop with ease even on steep trails and sloppy trails. A Carrera SRAM S200 3.0 crankset feature takes the stress of the chain on the bike too which is important when mountain biking. 

For the front suspension, the Vengeance e-bike uses a Suntour XCM, 100mm travel front fork with lockout which is great for absorbing some of the shocks when riding, but the Suntour XCM might not be the most suitable fork travel if your planning to do downhill mountain biking now and then, this limitation, however, most likely due to the affordable price of the Carrera bike.

Wheels & Tyres 

Carrera double-walled alloy rims accompany the 27.5-inch tyre set on the electric mountain bike, the Kenda tyres offer basic decent bike puncture protection and can handle sloppy terrains, they aren't the best on the market but are matched for the price. 

Frame & Performance 

Most importantly the best feature of this Carrea Vegance electric mountain bike has to be its alloy frame which boasts a lightweight of only 14kg, making it not only a great mountain bike but also viable to commute with as a multi-purpose bike thanks to the minimal bike weight. 

Updates to the frame on this Carrea bike means the alloy frames also have shorter stems, a longer wheelbase and a better-positioned handlebar improving the overall comfort factor of the alloy frame design and allowing it to perform better when out riding on sharp corners.

Pros & Cons Of Carrea Vengeance Mountain Bikes Design 

Now we have shortly reviewed each of the main features that come with this Vengeance bike we will list out the advantages and disadvantages of the e-bike so as you can weigh up whether not this is one of the affordable mountain bike models you will consider.


  • Lightweight alloy frame with strong Suntour XCM fork.
  • Easy on the eye and comes in different colours. 
  • Great for beginner mountain biking. 
  • Mechanical disc shifters for smoother riding on any terrain. 
  • Affordable price!


  • Not for hardcore mountain biking. 
  • Tyres will wear down quickly. 
  • Hard to make shifts and fast speeds. 

Should I Buy The Carrera Vengeance E-Bike?

To conclude our review of the Carrera Vengeance e-bike, you may be wondering whether or not this bike would suit someone like you. 

Well, if you are a beginner e-biker, you are on a budget and you want a mountain bike that will be able to support you on difficult terrain with high reliability, this Carrera Vengeance bike is most likely very suited to you.

The bike frame and bike component parts of this model also make it very safe to ride and multi-purpose thanks to its lightweight, meaning you could even ride the bike not just on hilly terrain, but for commuting use too!

On the other hand, if you are looking for an electric bike that has more power, a durable tyre set and strong suspension forks it might be better to look at a more enduring expensive option on the market that can handle heavy-duty mountain terrain.

Despite this Carrera e-bike having a good range of gears with the Shimano Altus system and a Suntour front fork, this would still struggle to be used for more vigorous mountain bike cycling like going downhill.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Carrera Vengeance E-Bike

Are Kenda tyres good? 

Kenda tyres are used on a lot of affordable mountain bikes on the market and offer good stability and traction for their price, they are not the top tyres in the e-bike industry but Kenda tyres are sufficient for most users on flat terrain or mountainous terrain and allow you to have a smooth changing of gears.

What is the best Shimano gear shift system on a mountain bike?

There is a large range of Shimano gear sets used on mountain bikes, from Deore to SLX, however, there is not the best gear shift set in particular as they suit appropriate bikes according to their use, for a mountain bike your model should have 11 gears and above. 

What size is the alloy frame on the Carrera Vengeance? 

The Carrera Vengeance electric bike comes in multiple sizes of; XS, S, M and L so can suit a variety of different users.

Are mechanical Tektro disc brakes good for powerful braking?

Tektro mechanical disc brakes are a standard on most budget e-bikes and give a decent amount of stopping power no matter the weather conditions but are not as powerful as some other hydraulic disc braking systems.

Does an electric mountain bike need maintenance? 

Even designer quality mountain bikes will need maintenance service now and then, tasks such as lubrication and cleaning of the components are often required to keep the bike in the best condition possible.

How much does this Carrera Vengeance mountain bike ride cost?

This Carrera Vengeance bike costs £350 on Halfords currently which is a great price for the wide range of features that come with the bike.

Is a steel fork or alloy fork better on a bike? 

Steel front forks are parts of a high-quality electric bike range which is often fairly expensive, this is because the steel fork material absorbs a lot more shock than an alloy fork does, steel forks are often the better choice if you have a more powerful motor too.

How many power levels does the Carrera Vengeance bike come with? 

The Carrera Vengeance electric bike range comes with a cadence pedal assist level system which increases the amount of assistance based on how fast you are pedalling with the bike.

Who is the Carrera Crossroad bike suitable for?

We would suggest after an extensive review that this electric bike has some amazing features for beginners and people who are starting to go out biking trails rather than roads. For experienced mountain trail bikers, however, we would recommend going for a more high-quality option.

Is 27.5-inch tyre sets good bike wheel sizes for mountain riding?

Yes, the 27.5-inch Kenda tyre set is great for riding as they offer the same benefits as 29-inch wheels but with a lower price and weight, paired with an alloy frame allows the wheeled bike to keep its low bike building weight of just 14kg.

Final Words 

To conclude, the Carrera Vengeance features a solid design and has competitive prices in comparison to other affordable bikes on the market, from Shimano gears to Tektro disc brakes and Kenda tyres, this electric bike is fully kitted out for off-terrain riding, especially for bike enthusiasts or if your a beginner. 

However, we do recommend getting a higher quality mountain bike if you are looking to do more serious mountain biking that involves downhill terrain, the shift system on this bike does struggle at high speeds and the Kenda tyre set is likely to wear down fast.

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