Decathlon electric bike review

Long ago, electric bikes were a commodity for the rich owing to their exorbitant prices. However, this is slowly becoming a thing of the past. As more manufacturers join the industry, the old ones are being forced to make budget electric bikes so as to survive the tough competition.

Decathlon has not been left behind in that category. They continue to bless the industry with quality and affordable bike. In their best selling category are the decathlon folding bikes, btwin mountain bike, and the legendary electric bike decathlon. In this article, I’m going to review the Rockrider E-ST500. I have heard loads of reviews about it with people contradicting each other. This is what prompted me to

Are decathlon bikes any good?

Decathlon has been around for more than a decade so it is no news that their bikes are of good value and affordable too. However, depending on the model and your needs, you will find that not every decathlon bike is well suited for everyone.

However, this is a sentiment that is shared with all bike manufacturers so don’t fret. Research on what suits you best and I’m sure there customer service care desk is more than willing to help you come to a viable conclusion.

Summary of the specs

Wheel size- 27.5′ with 23mm double-walled rims

Brake type-Hayes Mx-5

Motor type- rear hub 42nm motor

Colors available-Black and blue

Frame material- Aluminium frame

Hydraulics- Suntour XCR fork.

Battery-LG, LGC-MG1 cells


Display- LCD

wheel type-Hutchinson cougar 2.4′

Chainring- SRAM NX

Break down of the main specs

Electric motor

Decathlon in collaboration with Chinese giant Vision designed a powerful motor with an impressive 42nm torque. The said motor is located on the rear which is a bummer which is an inconvenience as most people would rather have it in the mid-rear for comfort.

However, we have to hand it to them for functionality as the 150x12mm hub motor will help you through any certain without burning you out. Apparently the peak power in beast mode is up to 450W.

Unlike most e-bikes around the same price range, the decathlon Rockrider E-ST500 comes with a completely sealed hub motor and bearings. This allows you to rest easy on thoughts of destroying your motor with sand or water, feel free to go through any muddy or watery mountain terrain.

In the spirit of convenience, the electric bike comes with an 8mM Allen key to help you unhinge the wheels in seconds if at all you get a puncture on your adventures. Also, if you lose the key, you can get it in any of the accessory pool boxes the company sells.


First off, this electric bike comes with lat platform peddles with huge surface area for easier peddling. Also, the pedal surface now has more pronounced dots that ensure little to a foot slipping.

Decathlon heard the cry of the people and incorporated a torque sensor on the bottom bracket. With this , the transmission of power is seamless. Every touch and movement on the peddles is then translated to the sensor and the necessary electrical assistance is given The more force you apply on the pedal, the more electric assistance you receive.

Though you will not immediately feel the impact of this feature, you gradually will realize that riding up mountains is not as hard- Even for the newbies.


The E-ST500 comes with an LCD display on the left-hand side grip. The best part is, you will not need to detach from the handlebar to operate hence convenient. The people at decathlon were kind enough to throw in a 500mAH USB port just in case you needed to charge anything on the road. Thoughtful, right?

For the price this mountain bike comes at, it has a pretty comprehensive array of functions. It comes with a four assist option that lets you choose from zero(if you don’t want to use the battery), economy(Offers you little assistance whilst preserving the battery), Standard (mostly used as it helps give you the extra push you need to brace the hilly and rocky terrains), and boost(save this option for when you dont need the battery for long yet the trail requires a lot of effort)

Also, you will get a: Chronometer, Speed, Trip computer, battery level, Remaining battery in km, Active assistance mode, Reset button. Everything you need at a glance putting it way ahead of its competition.


Depending on the mode you are using, the 36v 11.6ah (417Wh) lithium battery will last you for about 50 miles give or take. Fairly impressive battery life if you ask me. The battery is powered with LG, LGC-MG1 cells, aside from being long-lasting, they are also known for being safe.

If you live in an unsafe area, this decathlon bike is a good option. It comes with a battery lock for that precious gem. The lock was a necessary inclusion as the battery is only held in place with a single lever- A slide to the left and the thing is off. However, this design helps prevent the battery from shaking as the lever firmly attaches it to the frame.

I loved the fact that the lever made it easy for me when the battery life was running low, not like some of its competition which takes you ages to dismantle. Sadly, the tie you save in removing the battery will be spent on charging it. It takes forever!


This decathlon electric bike comes with the simple to use 9×1 set up ideal for mountain bikes. This model allows you to switch effortlessly between the speeds thanks to the Shimano Altus M2000 9-speed rear derailleur and Shimano Altus M2000 trigger shifter. This function is found on the right handlebar.

Equipped with a single steel chain of the Sram X-Sync model that has 32-tooth BCD 94. This means that it will be fairly hard for it to slip while you are cycling on whatever terrain. On the rear, the chain is combined with a 9-speed 11-36 tooth cassette.


despite the fact that this electronic bike comes with mechanical disc brakes and not hydraulic ones, it works just as good if not better than most with the praised hydraulics.

The decathlon Rockrider Rockrider E-ST500 comes with powerful Hayes MX5 mechanical brakes on both the front and rear. The brakes are cable oriented which may not look as attractive but most importantly get the job done.

Also, it has an oversized disc rotor to help the convene more brake power.

Wheels and tires

If there is something you can bet on when buying a decathlon electric mountain bike, it is its quality tires. It is safe to say that this model boasts a rather impressive pair that will serve you well in mountain or rocky terrain. All bikes are tested by professional athletes and tailored to their reviews

The Rockrider E-ST500 comes with Hutchinson cougar 27.5′ tires that have deep treads that will ensure your stability. Also, you are guaranteed comfort and traction as the tire is well versed with your motor.

The great tires are supported with a wide double-walled Rims which will ensure a good grip on any terrain while keeping the tires in perfect condition. Paired with the fact that the rims have 36 spokes, dealing with the excessive torque from the motor is a thing of the past.

For the price, its aero trail wheels are prey impressive!

Front suspension

Ths electric bike comes equipped with a 120mm front suspension Suntour XCR hydraulic fork. Not only will it help you go through obstacles like gravel and roots seamlessly, but you can also brace the rocky mountain terrain with this beast.

So as to increase the shelf life of the fork, Decathlon and Suntour came up with a lubrication and wiper seal design. This added feature saves you a lot of maintenance and money obviously.

Other important features

The decathlon Rockrider E-ST500 electric bike comes with an adjustable all aluminum handlebar. To sweeten the deal, the 720 mm aluminum handlebar comes in four sizes and can be adjusted to five different intervals namely : + 0mm, + 7.5mm, + 15mm, + 22.5mm, + 30mm.

For utmost comfort, the handlebar has ergonomic grips for a more comfortable touch. On the note of comfort, this electric bike comes equipped with an Ergofit Evo saddle with extra padding. The saddle fits all sizes and shapes and is designed specifically for long trail bike rides.

Also, the 31.6 aluminum seat holder is made compatible with almost all dropper and seat manufacturers in case you ever need t to replace or change yours.


This electric bike model comes with the well-received low frame geometry design, this is to make steering easier for you. The frame itself is made with 6061 Aluminum and hydroformed tubes. The materials used give a robust feel but are good for more than just looks.

Apart from supporting the motor, the robust nature of the hydroformed tubes helps the bike to remain stiff when going through any terrain and also when making quick directional changes.

Pros of the decathlon electric bike

Great value or money – As with all decathlon bikes, it is very affordable and of great quality.

Design- The bikes come with a sleek state of the art design. Also, the frame is very comfortable and ideal for long biking adventures.

Long-lasting battery -Though it takes forever to charge, the battery will last you up to 100 miles per session.

Cons of the Decathlon electric bike

Slow to charge- You need to charge its battery overnight or for a full working day. So imagine the hustle if you forget to charge and need to use it in the morning.

Low-quality brakes- Though it comes with Hayes MX-5 mechanical disc brakes, Hydraulics are better suited for a bike of it caliber.

Plastic finishes- You will be disappointed with the number of plastic parts in this bike. Begs the question of quality.


After completing my own assessment, I now see why the bike has raving reviews everywhere. it offers you value for money while still delivering quality on all fronts. From the design and comfort to the seamless nature of its motor, gear, and brakes.

There is little in the market that gives you this amount of quality, customer service aftercare for the price. So in my opinion, this electric bike is an extremely good choice for newbies and intermediaries in the electric bike world who are on a strenuous budget.